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There will be no classes on Saturday July 4th.
Enjoy the Fireworks
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Discovering & Living Your Calling
Come Retreat July 10 - 13, 2015 at the beautiful Mount Eden Retreat Center (see below)
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The goal of Integral Yoga is an easeful body, a peaceful mind and a useful life.
- Sri Swami Satchidananda
Integral Yoga Institute Princeton offers many different classes:
To suit every need
  • Integral Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Kirtan Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Retreats
For all levels
  • Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • Restorative Yoga Classes
  • Vinyasa Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Related Workshops
  • Guest Lecturers
We serve the greater Princeton and South Brunswick Communities from our two centers located at 613 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ and 57 Sand Hills Rd, Kendall Park, NJ. There are several different levels of Integral Yoga classes, Meditation Classes, Healing Circles, Kirtan Chanting, and workshops on all yoga-related topics.
The IYI's amazing introductory deal...
20 classes over a 3-month period
with any of our instructors
at both of our locations
only $45
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Notes: Only available to those new to the IYI; once purchased you have 3 months to begin using it, and then you have 3 months to come to as many as 20 classes (our free classes on the 2nd Saturday of each month do not use up one of your 20 classes); not valid for the Prenatal Classes; if classes are not started within 3 months of purchase you still have the $45 paid as a credit to use at the IYI for whatever you'd like.
  • 20 classes for $45
Please click the button below to purchase the IYI Amazing Introductory Deal.
Special Events
Featured Event
From Fri. July 10th at 2pm to Sun. July 12th at 3:45pm, please join us for "Discovering & Living Your Calling" with Ariel & Prahaladan ~ the IYI Summer Yoga Retreat.

 "Discovering & Living Your Calling"

- a Yoga Retreat with Ariel & Prahaladan -
at the Beautiful Mount Eden Retreat Center
~ Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Special Workshops ~ Singing, Chanting & Dancing ~
~ Satsang Wisdom Talks ~ Delicious Organic Vegetarian Meals ~
~ Lovely Setting and Accommodations ~
Our annual Summer Yoga Retreat
at beautiful Mount Eden Retreat in Washington, NJ.
Be spoiled in the midst of a rich yoga experience.
 Come to discover your calling and begin living your truth in light with love...
A wonderful get-away to a beautiful setting
with meditation, yoga sessions, special workshops,
dance, music, chanting, free time
& delicious organic vegetarian cuisine!
Featuring Ariel & Prahaladan, with assistance from JayadevaRon CohenSandi Merrill and other Integral Yoga instructors.
Friday 2pm-Sunday 3pm, July 10, 11 & 12 only $380
$30 discounts.... for registration by June 15th, for IYI Princeton Members, for Integral Yoga Teachers (only one discount per person)

Registration in person or click below 
call with any questions : 732.274.2410
or email:
Space is limited - Register early
Early Registration & IYI Members   Regular Price
Featured Event
On Sun. July 19th from 1pm to 6pm, please join us for AWAKENING the CHAKRAS with Jayadeva.
A special 5-hour Workshop with Jayadeva
1-6pm ~ Sunday July 19th

Instead of reading about the chakras,
experience them.

In this yoga workshop, Jayadeva will guide you into opening deeper healing awareness of the 7 main subtle energy “wheels” in the body, the Chakras.

By using asanas (postures), visualization, sound, breath you will discover, explore & activate these vital centers of your being.

Deepen your yoga practice and learn to bring healing & fullness to your life.

Both beginners and advanced students will find Awakening the Chakras enjoyable.

on-line registration: $40 [$32 for IYI Members]
at-the-door registration: $45 [$36 for IYI Members]
Founder & Director of Princeton Integral Yoga Institute, Jayadeva began teaching yoga over 45 years ago. His kind, peaceful presence and fun-loving teaching style endear him to many.

A secret turning in us makes the universe turn. - Rumi 

IYI Members   Regular Price
Featured Event
From Thu. December 3rd at 6:30pm to Sun. March 27th at 7:30pm, please join us for Winter YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.


Winter Integral Yoga Teacher Training  ~ December 2015 through March 2016

Here is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice, become thoroughly grounded in Yoga and effectively share these great teachings with others.

"I am not sure how to convey the impact that TT has had on my life - I was going in with no expectations really, and what I got was a new way of engaging with life. ...Integral Yoga Teacher Training will give you what you need, even if you don't know now what that would be, you just need to show up and your life will be beautifully transformed."  - Amrita

In this comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training
you will acquire the skills necessary for instructing Integral Yoga Hatha, the basic class taught to thousands of students at Integral Yoga Institutes and around the world,
and utilized by Dr. Dean Ornish in his groundbreaking work in reversing heart disease.

The Training is comprehensive, giving you a solid foundation in Asana Practice and Instruction, Meditation, and Pranayama.

This concentrated program is designed so you can still maintain family and work responsibilities.
From December 3rd through March 27th classes meet
on many Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30,
and on many Sundays from 8am to 4pm.
There is also a 3-day Weekend Retreat.

The course Tuition is $3250 (after 11/1)

There are early registration Tuition discounts:     $2650 by 9/1   ~    $2950 by 10/1
Several Monthly Payment Plans are available, too. For information about or to set up a Payment Plan contact Jayadeva: phone 609-851-1721 or

For the Registration Form, the full calendar schedule, information about the instructors, the different payments plans and more...


"Being able to take the TT course was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I learned so much, not only the asanas, but how to apply them in my daily life. I feel I can always come back to the strength, the peace and the stillness whenever I feel out of balance. Learning the Yoga Sutres has given me more wisdom as to how I know I should be. Learning to meditate has been powerful for me, too. It has given me a calmness I never had before, learning to let go and not be attached to outcomes. And I have made friends that I know I will keep forever. On top of all that, being able to teach at the Institute and at my home and share this knowledge has been wonderful for me. I will always be grateful." - Vera


Extra-Early Enrollment   Regular Price
Your own true nature is happiness.The minute you realize that you are always happy, that you have a permanent relationship within, then you become independent. You don't depend on anything or any one for your happiness.
- Sri Swami Satchidananda
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